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Welcome, we are HEED

Transportation & logistics services for the
concert and event market are our mission.

Heed [hi:d]


pay attention to, take notice of
synonyms: pay attention to, take
notice of, be heedful of, be mindful of


careful attention
synonyms: attention, notice
heedfulness, care


…specialize in transportation and logistics services for the concert and event market.

We are experts in international transports within tight schedules, 100% reliable.

From single flight cases to large productions. Instruments, light and sound equipment,
stages, costumes, vehicles…

…whatever you need to make your event happen, we deliver worldwide
and bring it all home again. No ifs and buts!

On tour with HEED!

For us concert and event logistics means more than simply taking equipment from point A to point B.
How it is done makes the difference.

We know that and aligned our whole company to meet the requirements of the concert and event market.


Individual Service

Fast and Flexible

Personal Support 24/7

Our core values





Our services

We provide a comprehensive service. You concentrate on your core business, while we take care of the logistics and everything related.

Areas of expertise

Our customers come from a variety of industries across the concert and event community, but at the same time have one thing in common:

Whether it be rock/pop music touring, classical orchestras, theaters, operas, automotive manufacturers, agencies, sports federations or technical service providers: they all depend on responsive and reliable transportation services.