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Compressorhead rocks!

A quite unusual rock band on tour around the globe with HEED!
If rock fans look for something special, Compressorhead is just the thing. Not only visually the band is a spectacle: robots play the most famous rock songs from bands like AC/DC or Motörhead live on real musical instruments. Stickboy, with his four arms and two legs, is a master at the 14-part drums. Bones has got two hands with four individual fingers that can pluck strings as well as grab the pitches. The 350 kg Mega-Wattson delivers the vocals.


The robots were built between 2007 and 2018 and they have published their debut album Party Machine in the meantime. Whether it be festivals, fairs or private parties – the robots are touring on all continents.

Das empfindliche Equipment muss pünktlich zum Konzerttermin bereit stehen. HEED! ist Logistikpartner von Compressorhead.
Egal ob für Festivals, Firmenfeiern oder Messen - die Roboter touren ständig um den Globus.
Die Roboter spielen Songs bekannter Bands auf akustischen sowie elektrischen Instrumenten.
Der mechanischen Drummer der Band. Konzertlogistik ist unser Fachgebiet, für jegliche Bands des Erdballs.
Die Roboterband Compressorhead spielt auf realen Instrumenten.

Further information about the band can be found on the Compressorhead-website or their Youtube channel:

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