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On tour with HEED!

For us concert and event logistics means more than simply taking equipment from point A to point B.
How it is done makes the difference.

We know that and aligned our whole company to meet the requirements of the concert and event market.

Individual Service

Every project is unique. Each transport is planned and implemented individually by our team – from the initial quotation through to accounting.

Fast and Flexible

Last-minute requests and changes are part of our daily routine. We react as fast as possible and also under time pressure we find the best solution.

Personal Support 24/7

Every shipment is supervised by an exclusive project manager who is available for you around the clock. For larger projects we put a whole team together in order to meet the job requirements.


Meticulous preparation

Successful projects result from precise planning.
We accompany you from day one with logistics support.

Feasibility analysis

Is a transport feasible as desired? Which options are on hand?


We provide an overview of the expected transport costs beforehand. At all times fair, realistic, transparent and without additional hidden costs.

Expert advice

We apply our years of experience for you.


Precise implementation

We ensure that the transport agreed beforehand is put into action 1:1.

Worldwide network

Due to our international network we always find the right answer – even at the most remote places.

Internal process and knowledge management

We see ourselves as a learning organization. Thus, we have developed internal processes that make flawless project schedules possible.


On request we personally accompany your freight and coordinate all procedures at the venue.


Continuous control

As long as your equipment is in our hands we constantly keep an eye on it and ensure smooth procedures.

Proactive tracking

We don’t wait until the damage is done. Instead we check all project steps and appointments proactively. If deviations occur, we react immediately.

Always up-to-date

We keep you informed about th project status at all times.

Project closure

When one project ends, the next begins. After completion we discuss the pros and cons of the project schedule with you in order to provide an even better service for the next transport.