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The Philadelphia Orchestra 2018 tour

Two weeks on the road through Europe and Israel.

The Philadelphia Orchestra has a long history of touring, having first performed outside Philadelphia in the earliest days of its founding in 1900. Through concerts and residency activities, the Orchestra is a global ambassador for Philadelphia and for the United States when traveling abroad. In 2018, the tour itinerary included stops in Europe and Israel.

Tour facts

Concerts in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Vienna were the first stops on the tour schedule before travelling to Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 528 individual items (musical instruments, wardrobe, etc.) were packed in 125 boxes and a total weight of 10 tons were transported. The accompanying Carnet A.T.A. showed the remarkable goods value of 10 million USD.

Die schweren Musikinstrumente werden mithilfe eines Gabelstaplers verladen. Zu jedem Zeitpunkt gilt äußerste Vorsicht.
In Brüssel trat das Philadelphia Orchestra im Rahmen seiner Europatour auf.
Bei Orchesterreisen sind zuverlässige und pünktliche Transporte das A und O. Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Orchesterreise!
Das Musikequipment ist bereit für die Verladung.
HEED! Eventlogistik: Musikinstrumente auf Reisen
Konzertlogistik: HEED! Ist der Logistikpartner für weltweite Orchestertourneen.
Internationale Orchesterreisen: Die Musikinstrumente werden für den Transport sicher verpackt.
Mithilfe von Scherenliften werden Flugzeuge be- und entladen.
Während der Tournee wurden das Konzertequipment per Luftfracht und mit Trucks von Konzertsaal zu Konzertsaal bewegt.

In 17 hours from Bratislava to Tel Aviv

On the way from Bratislava to Tel Aviv we had to be particularly fast: Within 17 hours the whole transport between each concert hall had to take place. To meet these requirements, we loaded all the equipment in an exclusively chartered Boeing 737-400. In order to avoid any deviations from the outset our responsible Project Manager personally accompanied the freight from the first second to the last.


“Thank you once again, Andreas. It has been a pleasure working with you on this tour. I wish you continued success and look forward to future endeavors.”


Kelvin Hill, Orchestra General Manager


Further information on The Philadelphia Orchestra and the tour can be found on the official website.

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