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Our areas of expertise

Our customers come from a variety of industries across the concert and event community, but at the same time have one thing in common.

Whether it be rock/pop music touring, classical orchestras, theaters, operas, automotive manufacturers, agencies, sports federations or technical service providers: they all depend on responsive and reliable transportation services.

In particular we cater to:

Rock- & Pop Music Touring
Classical Orchestras
Corporate Events & Roadshows
Dance, Theatre & Opera Productions
Sports Events
Film & TV Productions
Automotive Transportation

Rock- & Pop Music Touring

We love music

Live concerts create very special moments. A large amount of planning is required backstage. We handle the logistical part and ensure that instruments and production equipment are available on time.

Classical Orchestras

Pomp and circumstances

Classical Orchestra tours are particularly challenging. Highly sensitive and often irreplaceable instruments must be carefully transported in a narrow time window in specific conditions. We offer our years of experience to get the job done promptly and flawlessly.

Corporate Events & Roadshows

In the right light

Live communication directly and personally with the customer is nowadays an integral part of marketing. We support corporate events and product presentations around the globe.

Dance, Theatre & Opera Productions

All the world's a stage

We accompany theatres, operas, musicals, dance and ballet companies on their guest performances and arrange the transport of stage sets, costumes, props, lighting and sound equipment or whatever is needed for the perfect appearance.

Sports Events

May the best win

Top athletes rely on perfect material and equipment to deliver peak performances. We arrange for the transport of sports equipment to international events.

Film & TV Productions

And action

Whether wild animal documentation in Africa or model shoots in Los Angeles, wherever you plan your film shooting, we deliver the needed equipment.


Automotive transportation

We transport design and concept cars, prototypes, sports cars as well as classic cars around the globe.