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Travel Management

Organising and booking travel tickets is one of the most fundamental elements of tour management. We compile an individual travel concept for each tour that is precisely tailored to your needs.




Our first step is a thorough exploration of current availabilities and prices, from which we put together a transparent analysis of your different options. To do this, we use the Five Ws:


Where? – Where is your tour going? Do you have a single destination or are you planning multiple stops? Are there different airports or train stations available?


When? – When exactly (date and time) should your journey take place? Is everyone travelling together, or will they travel in different groups? Do the travel days fit within the overall schedule?


What? – Which mode of transport is best suited to your needs? Would a train journey, a bus ride or a flight get you to your destination most efficiently?


Who? – Which airlines or companies offer the best solution? Is a regularly scheduled flight sufficient, or would a charter flight be more (cost) efficient? Would a privately scheduled train be the best choice?


Why? – All these questions are governed by the most important question of them all. We constantly question and re-evaluate our recommendations, meaning we are certain that we are providing you with the perfect solution


Personal Assistance


A successful journey is not guaranteed by merely booking a ticket. We make sure that your departure runs efficiently, whether at the airport, at the train station or a pick-up by bus. Do you have particular requirements such as special meals, delicate or oversized baggage or specific seating requests? We are happy to help you.




We are there for you throughout your journey. We ensure that your arrival at your destination goes smoothly and take care that the journey to your hotel is comfortable and well organised. Further transfers during the tour are similarly no problem for us.




Visas and Permits

An approved visa or permit is often the culmination of months of preparation. Every step of the process requires meticulous attention to detail – a single typo or an incorrectly formatted passport photo can lead to an application being denied.




A visa application normally begins with an invitation. This is issued by your host, agent or partner in the country of application, either as an official document or as an informal letter. The visa application is submitted to the embassy together with the invitation and further necessary documentation (e.g. passport, ID copies, passport photos, letters of recommendation, confirmation of flight or hotel bookings). Our years of experience mean that we know exactly what to look for and we scrupulously oversee each stage of the process. If additional measures are necessary (e.g. a request for a formal interview at the embassy) we accompany you every step of the way.


Entry Permits


Even if no full visa is necessary, certain countries such as Canada, India or the USA require the procurement of an entry permit before passing through immigration. Applying for these types of permits is generally less time consuming than applying for a work visa, but requires the same attention to detail.


Residence and Work Permits


Longer stays abroad often require a residence permit alongside – or sometimes instead of – a visa. Where necessary we take care of the applications for these permits and guide you through the process.


A1 Certificates

If an employee is sent abroad to work in another EU or EAA country or to Switzerland an A1 Certificate (“Certificate concerning the Social Security legislation which applies to the holder”), under certain circumstances the laws governing social security contributions in the employee’s home state still apply. An example of this would be a performance by a German dance company at a festival in Italy.


Data Protection


For us, protecting your data means more than just complying to the newest EU regulations. We realise that we handle private and sensitive data and that we are sometimes required to ask very personal questions. Your data remains 100% confidential at all times.




Hotel Bookings

During a tour, a hotel room is more than just a place to sleep – it also has to function as an office, conference room, dining room, rehearsal room, gym or storage area, to name just a few. Finding the perfect place to stay is therefore all the more important.




Similar to the procedure for booking travel tickets, we begin with a thorough exploration of the available options – keeping your needs at the forefront of our mind. We pay particular attention to special requests such as hotel category, distance from the venue, facilities or room configuration (e.g. twin or adjoining rooms). The availability of function rooms or infrastructure for special events (e.g. a premiere party or a press conference) also weigh into the decision. You do of course receive a variety of options alongside our recommendation, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Room Allocation and Check-in


Whether booking a single hotel room or a handling a large group booking, we pay careful attention to each step of the procedure and ensure that the rooms or suits are allocated exactly to your specifications. We inform the hotel of expected check-in and check-out times, ensuring that the hotel reception is sufficiently staffed. We oversee “pre-keying” (the preparation of hotel room keys ahead of time) to avoid long waiting times at check-in. Late check-outs or early check-ins are similarly discussed with the hotel in advance and baggage storage is arranged where necessary.




Even before your guest or group departs, we carefully double-check your final statement in order to correct potential mistakes ahead of time and avoid costly errors later. We ensure that any due payments are correctly resolved during the check-out process, e.g. extras (room service, minibar) that should be paid by the guests themselves.




Additional services

The success of a project often depends on the smallest details – booking travel and hotels or applying for visas is only the beginning. Numerous other details play their part in ensuring that your tour runs smoothly. We can offer advise in a number of  areas, including:




Trust is good, insurance is better. We of course always assume that everything will go smoothly – but a swift response is vital if someone falls ill or has an accident while on tour. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of travel insurance and can inform you of the various options available. If you need to make an insurance claim or need to register an occupational accident, we are happy to advise you.


Interpreters / Freelancers


We make sure your work is never “lost in translation”. We can find you competent and specialised interpreters to assist you during your tour. We can also organise other freelancers, such as stage hands, for you.


Travel Medicine and Consultation

Every country that a tour visits brings with it its own set of challenges – this also applies to health care. Arranging appropriate travel medical care is not always as simple as providing the obligatory or recommended vaccinations – depending on the country and the tour schedule, we sometimes advise you to travel with a medical professional. We can arrange for competent and experienced medical staff to accompany you on your tour, and also assist you in the search for other assistance such as physiotherapy or osteopathy.